Two Fantastic Offers (plus pictures from Touchstone conference)

A very generous donor is underwriting all ebook purchases of Gratitude in Life’s Trenches for customers outside the USA and Canada for the two weeks from October 15-30. That means that if you are an international customer who wants to read my book on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, or PDF, the donor will pay for the download instead of you!

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, go to THIS link and put in the coupon code 6B9C6GXFZDMY9 (note that this link will not work for customers in North America).

Here is a picture of me signing copies of Gratitude in Life’s Trenches at Touchstone Magazine’s annual conference (if you are reading this through an email reader and the picture and other embedded content does not display, then click here.)

Speaking of the Touchstone conference, that brings me to my second exciting announcement. A special conference offer is available for a discounted subscription to Touchstone Magazine and our sister publication Salvo. Get ready because this will blow your socks off: you can get a year’s subscription to either magazine for only $10.00! Subscribers receive the magazine/s in the mail as well as getting online access to all past issues. This offer is available for Touchstone HERE and for Salvo HERE.

I have been involved with both these magazines as a contributor for years but came on staff earlier this year. You can read my articles in Touchstone Magazine HERE. To read my Salvo Magazine articles, click HERE. We have a fantastic team of other writers who I am so blessed to work with and whose articles you will benefit from reading once you take out a subscription.

Here are some pictures I posted on Twitter from our conference. I hope this will encourage you to subscribe to either of our magazines and to attend next year’s conference.


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