What if Trump is Exactly What He Seems?

There has been so much speculation about Trump’s psychology, what drives him, what the correct “theory of Trump” is. On the political right this manifests itself in Trump’s rationalizers – those who perceive patterns and ingenuous strategies behind what might otherwise appear as mere chaos and political imprudence. On the political left, the same tendency manifests itself in the endless attempts to diagnose our President, to explain his unpredictable behaviors with reference to possible mental disorders.

But maybe there is no grand pattern behind it. Maybe there are no consistent attitudes, patterns and principles that animate Trump’s behavior. Maybe he really is as impulsive, random and unpredictable as he seems. At least, that’s the thesis of David Roberts’ fascinating article for Vox, ‘We overanalyze Trump. He is what he appears to be.‘ Regardless of whether you are a Trump supporter or not, Roberts fascinating article is worth a slow, quiet ponder.


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