Human Trafficking and the Truth About QAnon

Having been involved with rescuers and victims of child trafficking in the Spokane area (see here and here), it has been difficult for me to watch the cultural zeitgeist shift to the point where now anti-trafficking activists like Tim Ballard are having their work tainted by a spurious and baseless association with QAnon. It seems as if leftists are hell bent on turning anti-child-trafficking messaging into another “culture war” issue, and  that to achieve this they are resuscitating QAnon.

In a couple articles for my Salvo column this week, I tried to set the record straight by explaining (1) the history of QAnon, (2) the recent recapitulation of QAnon by leftists. Here are links to these articles, followed by Jordan Peterson’s interview with Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel.

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