David Hendrickson on the Syria Withdrawal

Last Friday, David Hendrickson offered some extremely sensible observations about how the Syria withdrawal could (but alas, won’t) be skillfully managed to prevent unnecessary chaos and bloodshed. Hendrickson shows that a solution is entirely within reach yet requires two things that we are not likely to see from the current administration: (1) a certain level of policy sophistication and prudential thinking (2) a willingness to work with Russia. Read Hendrickson’s article about this published at the American Conservative. What is sad is that a lasting solution to the Syria problem is entirely within reach but is being eclipsed by other subversive political agendas.

If you want to learn some more about the political background between America and Russia that creates the context for some of the tensions Hendrickson is talking about, then I recommend the article ‘NATO Partisans Started a New Cold War With Russia‘, also published at The American Conservative.

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