Some Timely Resources

Here are some offerings that may prove useful for some.


  • How to talk to your teenager about porn. In a recent Salvo post about Billie Eilish’s porn addiction, I ended by sharing a resources I have found helpful when approaching this topic with my teenage kids. The resource is a three-part documentary produced by Clay Olsen explaining how porn impacts relationships, the brain, and society. Just go to my recent Salvo article and scroll down to the last two paragraphs for information about this fantastic film. It is very well-researched and helps to remove the awkwardness in talking to your teenagers about this subject.
  • Insight on Capitol riots. The recent investigation into last year’s Capitol riots is becoming increasingly politicized, and turning into yet another referendum on what people think of former President Trump. In the process, I fear the real significance of last January’s attack is being eclipsed by both the left and the right. In an article I wrote last year, I shared my insight on the Capitol riot gleaned from conversations with right-wing militants and violent conspiracists. Read my article at “Right-Wing Violence and the Trump Personality Cult.”
  • Baby-step your way to God! Many people feel stuck in their spiritual lives right now, not knowing how to make progress, especially in these confusing and turbulent times. Perhaps we have experienced setbacks in our spiritual lives and begin to think “What’s the point?” At such times, we need the insight given to me by my spiritual father, who explained to me a counter-cultural message about the importance of baby steps. To find out what I learned, visit my article, “The Power of Baby Steps in a Superman Culture.”


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