“White people to the back immediately”

I ran into this Clubhouse discussion on Twitter and it crystallized for me the end point of CRT and Wokeism. Perhaps you have seen it already.
I didn’t listen to the whole thing because it is five hours long. But at 2 hours 3 minutes the moderation is taken over by a woman named “Brooklyn”.
Up to that moment it was moderated by and what appear to be mostly White woke liberals discussing and earnestly struggling with understanding what Wokeism is, the plight of blacks in America etc.
But then at 2:03 the reactionary Frankenstein monster they have created comes into play. During a “reset” moderation is taken over by “ Brooklyn” who announces “ White People to the back immediately” They are to remain silent, they can’t even discuss the topic because Whites have no standing, no qualification or credibility to even participate. She says “ white wokeism is a savior complex”.
It struck me, this is where wokesim leads, straight into a hell of what one twitter commentator called “a compassionless narcissism” and outright racism.
There is no understanding because understanding is not possible. Everything is reduced to a power struggle. (That is what Marxism is).
Wokeism denies the transcendent possibility of human beings, it offers no hope for improvement, no meeting in the middle. Try as you might you are destined to fail. It does not appeal as MLK did to ideal we should strive for and imperfectly achieve, or God’s law written in our hearts. Woekism does not even pose the question of what we are created for. It is a form of nihilism.
Wokeism/CRT does not give us hope or lead to forgiveness and reconciliation. It does not point to the eternal but to the earth, specifically the dirt humans have made, and then rubs all our faces in it forever.
It seems to me, in my simple understanding, that this is Nietzsche’s idea of will to power embodied, a means of forcing one’s conception of reality on everyone. It is what Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn and many others warn about ( I have been reading much Doestoevsky and Solzhenitsyn in the last year).
It is a dangerous path to go down because it really leads to hell.
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