Tiny Tim’s Toffee

I don’t normally use this blog to advertise products, but I felt the need to make an exception as we approach the coming holiday season.

For years my friend Joey has been working to perfect his family’s toffee recipe, to give people a healthy alternative to the mass-produced sweets available in shops. His product line, which takes inspiration from Tiny Tim in Dicken’s Christmas Carol, donates 10% of all profits directly to families with injured children, broken homes, or the ever increasing unemployed who have one or more children. (Read more about the inspiration behind the company here).

Tiny Tim’s Toffee has two product lines: Almond English Toffee, and Traditional English Toffee, which they also sell in stocking-stuffer sizes.

I’m not super into sweets, but when I tasted the Almond English Toffee earlier in the year, I knew I had to get behind it. I realized that I was tasting genuine English toffee–the crunchy, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth sort that your grandmother might have made–for which all other candy is but an imitation.

Here is a picture Joey took of his Almond English Toffee.

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There’s a reason this toffee tastes so much better than the sweets you can buy anywhere else. One obvious reason is the natural ingredients, like real butter and real sugar, instead of vegetable oil and corn syrup. Another reason is that these sweets are not made by robots in a factory, but by Joey and his family in a small commercial kitchen. Although I can’t prove it, I believe that personal touch comes out in the flavor. (Elsewhere I have shared my belief that food made with love can become conduits of divine grace.)

With the holidays approaching, I recommend Tiny Tim’s Toffee as the perfect Christmas gift for family and loved ones. Instead of buying gifts from big conglomerates like Walmart and Amazon, this will help support a small family enterprise. According to Entrepreneur, 68 percent of Americans would rather pay more to do business with a small business than a big one. I agree with that.

Don’t wait…order your Christmas gifts from Tiny Tim’s Toffee today!

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