Time to Stop Complaining

“We all have things we can complain about from problems in our health to family issues to work-related stress. It is true that sometimes we need to talk about our problems to process them, just as we often need to think about them instead of pretending the problem’s aren’t there. However, it’s important to distinguish between necessary strategic thinking/talking about problems vs. useless worrying and complaining. The first leads to action while the second can be a waste of mental and emotional resources.
“Many people are participating in the 21-Day Complaint Free Challenge where you spend 3 weeks without complaining at all. Given that the people who take this challenge are happier and healthier, many people have decided to make it into a lifestyle. After spending 21 days of not complaining, many people don’t want to go back and spend the rest of their life trying to never complain again.”
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