I’ve Started a Substack

Dear Readers,

I wanted to let you know that I started a Substack. Over the years I’ve been quite impressed with their publishing platform and how it’s integrated with email, so I decided to finally get on board. Those who subscribe to this mailing list will be grandfathered into my Substack emails, while still receiving updates here. (If you do not wish to receive my Substack emails, you can always find the unsubscribe option at the bottom of each mailing.)

My Substack is titled “The Epimethean: Defying the Machine Through Embodied Living” and will focus on finding hope in a distinctly human way of life. You can read my first essay here, wherein I discuss some figures from Greek mythology who have particular relevance for today.

At the end of the essay I outline my plans for the future direction of the publication:

This publication is a place where we rage against the machine. But it is also a place where we celebrate all those things that make us distinctly human: art, music, literature, craft, cooking, hiking, and leisure (understood in the classical sense). This will be a place where we foreground the stories of ordinary men and women who have found hope and liberation, not through the Promethean impulse to overcome nature at all costs, but through embracing the traits, practices, and virtues that enable us to flourish as humans. We will interview everyone from digital minimalists to hobbyists to craftsmen to artists to musicians to educators who, in the spirit of Epimetheus, have found hope in a distinctly human way of life. We will also profile men and women working in the tech industry who are producing humane and creative products that advance more traditional visions of human flourishing.

Above all, the Epimethean community will be a place where we rejoice in the limitations God has given us, and find ways to live, not as cyborgs, but as embodied creatures, connected to God and each other.

Read more at, “The Epimethean: Why I Started This Publication, and What to Expect From it.”


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