Recent Publications

Here’s an update on some recent articles at external publications.

I continue writing a column for Salvo Magazine on topics that include technology, culture, politics, art, current events, family, and sex. You can access the column at the following link:

Robin Phillips’ Column at Salvo

Also, my book Gratitude in Life’s Trenches continues to be for sale at both Amazon and the publisher’s website. For newcomers who may not be familiar with this work, here are some audio interviews/presentations/podcasts about it. Some are from before publication and some are after, but all cover the topics included within the book:

See Also

Meanwhile, I have some other projects on the horizon, specifically a follow-up book with Ancient Faith, dealing with the challenge of the heresy of Gnosticism poses to the goodness of creation. Keep an eye out for the book next Spring. The book is not primarily a critique of the gnostic heresy, so much as a discussion of God’s purposes for the world, and the role you and I can play in the ongoing sanctification of the space-time continuum.

Also keep an eye out for an article of mine that will be appearing in a future edition of The Christian Librarian, and chapters I am contributing to a volume under publication by Eighth Day Press titled Finding the Golden Key: Recovering the Sacramental Imagination.

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