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Now that I am fully recovered from COVID-19 (yes, for those who don’t know, I suffered a bad bout of COVID-19 in August, with a fever of over 100 degrees for a week and a half) I have resumed my weekly column at Salvo Magazine. Here are some recent offerings.

    • Yeonmi Park escaped from North Korea. Now she is sharing how the hatred of America, which formed such a dominant feature of North Korean education, is echoed in the American self-hatred she encountered at Columbia university. Read about her story in my Salvo article, “Even North Korea is Not This Nuts”: North Korean Defector Gives Warning to America.
    • In many professions in the modern world, success requires a type of trained ignorance, a learned unclarity, and an ability to speak in a type of pseudo-intellectual gibberish that takes years to master. I discussed this in my Salvo article, “How Pseudo-Intellectual Gibberish Became the New Language of Expertise.”
    • Discoveries in the emerging field of Intelligent Design are now routinely dismissed as “pseudoscience.” The Wikipedia page for ID labels the theory as “a specific pseudoscientific form of creationism,” and reminds us that “The U.S. National Science Teachers Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science have termed it pseudoscience.” Dr. Stephen Meyer, a leader in the ID movement whose commitment to rigorous scientific methodology is unwavering, does not escape this charge: the Wikipedia page about Meyer claims he advocates pseudoscience. But is this charge a fair one? I discuss this in my Salvo article, “Dr. Stephen Meyer on the Return of the God Hypothesis: You Can be a Full Christian and a Real Scientist at the Same Time.
    • Earlier this year, when the left waxed woke until six of Dr. Seuss’s books were withdrawn from print, and the right went into predictable paroxysms of rage over “censorship,” the really interesting part of the controversy went unnoticed by both sides. The real story is that in the topsy-turvy world of the woke, tolerance has become the new bigotry, and race neutrality has become the new racism. Nowhere is this better seen than in the controversy surrounding Dr. Seuss’s story The Sneetches. I discussed this in my recent Salvo article, “How the Woke Stole Tolerance: On Dr. Seuss & the Absurd Cancellation of His Liberal Anti-Racism.”
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