Mindful Breathing and the Safety of Stillness

From Gratitude in Life’s Trenches, page  95:

“By letting your scattered attention rest with your breath, or with a simple prayer that you can synchronize with your breathing, you commit to embrace the safety of stillness. The stillness of contemplative breathing proclaims that your survival does not depend on following every distracting thought that enters the brain, nor does your safety depend on needing to increase oxygen in preparation for danger. Instead, contemplative breathing is an opportunity to recall your wandering mind from the past and the future and to tether it to the present moment, which is the only place where you can truly be alone with God. Contemplative breathing is the ultimate assertion that you can relax because God is the one in charge of your survival. To embrace the stillness of contemplation is to acknowledge that your heavenly Father knows your needs and is taking care of you exactly as He promised (Matt. 10:29–31).”

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