What Does a Kiss and a Slap Have in Common? Answer: “gender colonialism”

38phillipsThose who subscribe to Salvo Magazine should be expecting Salvo 38 (Fall 2016) to be arriving in your mailboxes any day. (Those who do not yet subscribe to Salvo can fix that by clicking here.)

In this issue I’ve contributed a short article about feminism. In my article, which is available to read for free HERE, I’ve explored the latest development in the topsy-turvy world of feminist theory: the notion that when men act gentlemanly towards women, or when men have too much warm-hearted affection towards a wife or girlfriend, such men are actually perpetuating the same system of “gender colonialism” that includes rape and wife-beating. The article is a continuation of a theme I started exploring in Winter 2013 with my article ‘The Massacre of Valentine’s Day‘, in which I observed that hostility to positive man-woman relationships runs like a golden thread throughout much third-wave feminist literature.


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