Introducing New Podcast

Last summer I had the privilege of being visited by Jason Van Boom, who teaches history and philosophy at the University of Tartu in Estonia. During car journeys and meals, Jason and I would get into fascinating conversations. Once he commented that our conversations might form the basis for an interesting series of podcasts. I responded that a podcast sounded like a great idea and thought little more of it. Then, a few months later, Jason took up the idea in earnest and the result was “The Robin & Boom Show.”

There was quite a lot of behind the scenes work to get the show up and running, but it’s finally available wherever you listen to podcasts in both Apple and Andriod platforms. We also have our own YouTube channel.

Our niche is to explore issues about the flourishing of the soul from a classical Christian perspective.

In our beta episode, we discussed our plans for the podcast, as well as the continued relevance of philosophical debates that occurred during the Middle Age.

In our first official episode, Jason and I discussed the issue of children’s screen time and the impact technology is having on our youth.

In our second official episode, Jason and I talked about the politics, including the similarities and difference between the American and European political scene. We also explored the importance of symbols, metanarratives, tribalism, and operational philosophical assumptions that animate contemporary public discourse.

Episode #3 was a fascinating discussion with a guest from Portugal, Keith Pimental. We discussed parenting, politics and the importance of having a perspective that includes history stretching backwards and eternity stretching forwards.

Episode #4 continued our conversation with Keith Pimental, as we discussed tribalism, education, and how parents and teachers can develop critical thinking in the youth.

The great thing about this podcast is that you can be involved. If you have a question you would like us to address in a future episode of the show, simply post it on our Facebook Page.


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