Dr. Nathan Jacobs on East-West Theological Differences

There are important theological differences and emphases between the East and the West, and most of the time these differences are articulated it is done in a haphazard polemical and historically irresponsible way. But it is possible to articulate these differences accurately and with proper nuance. I was reminded of that last year when I listened to a podcast where Hank Hanegraaff interviewed Dr. Nathan Jacobs on the sophistication of the early church fathers. Jacobs is extremely well-read in the fathers of both the West and the East and is able to explain their different orientations in way that is more helpful than what I have encountered anywhere else. If you are Eastern Orthodox and wanting to give your Protestant friends a good overview of Orthodox theology, this podcast would be great to share.

You can listed to the podcast below. (And, by the way, this is not an invitation for those who hate Hank Hanegraaff to send me angry emails.)

Listen to “Sophistication of Early Church Fathers with Dr. Nathan Jacobs” on Spreaker.

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