Britain’s Home-Grown Jihad

I just published an article at Christian Voice about Britain’s problem of home-grown terrorism. Building on my earlier series on the Islamisation of Britain, I have warned that British-born Muslims are flocking to the Middle East to fight with ISIS in the growing jihad.

From the article:

It is hard to imagine why so many hundreds of British men and women are eager to travel to the Middle East to join in the barbarism and carnage perpetuated by ISIS. While the motivations behind the British wing of jihad are complex and multifaceted, there are a number of contributing factors we have identified over the years which helped to contextualize the growth of radical Islam in the UK.

One factor is that Britain’s native Muslim population has recently seen huge expansion due to high birth rate and conversions to Islam. While the growing population of British Muslims are mostly peace-loving, nevertheless this growth does increase the pool of people that can be potentially radicalized. We saw this with startling clarity in 2013 when radical Islam made huge inroads into all aspects of British life.

Another factor contributing to home-grown terrorism is that the British government and media have long been involved in a jihad against free speech, as they seek to suppress all discussion of the link between Islam and terrorism. This has included banning talk show host Michael Savage from entering the UK because of his anti-Muslim views, and more recently the Government’s decision to prohibit Robert Spencer from entering the UK (Robert Spencer is the author of Stealth Jihad.)

By denying any link between ISIS and the teachings found in Islamic texts, and then using strong-arm tactics to suppress scholars who might suggest otherwise, the authorities in Britain have left themselves unable to adequately address the challenges posed by home-grown radicalism.

“Why does it make any difference whether or not what the Islamic State is doing is in accord with Islamic texts and teachings?” Robert Spencer asked. “Among other reasons, because it will help determine how much support the new caliphate will ultimately get from Muslims worldwide, and will serve as an indicator of how much we can expect to see the actions of the Islamic State replicated by other Muslims elsewhere.” Such questions are being ignored by our officials, who have become convinced that the basic problem is that the terrorists are mistaken about their own religion. Accordingly, our incredibly naive officials believe that the solution is to simply better educate the terrorists so they will realize that their terrorism was actually based on ignorance concerning the real teaching of their religion.

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This atmosphere of denial has been fueled by Britain’s multiculturalism, and the strange alliance multiculturalism has wrought between modern liberalism and Islamic fascism. This is not purely academic: earlier this year we reported on how multiculturalism caused the British Government to hide the truth about Muslim grooming gangs and perpetuate a “conspiracy of silence” that left countless girls abused and damaged for life.” (See the report from yesterday “UK: Prosecutor ‘branded a racist’ for prosecuting Muslim rape gang”). The same conspiracy of silence has left the UK Government unable to fully address the jihad springing up in our midst.

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