Thomas Paine, and the Birth of Leftism

Today is the 230th anniversary of Thomas Paine’s book Rights of Man. This is where political Leftism began. Paine’s legacy now forms the taken-for-granted background for American liberals and “conservatives” alike. Meanwhile, Paine’s rival and progenitor of conservatism, the statesman Edmund Burke (1729-1797), has been comparatively neglected by the American right.

Today, my friends and I are celebrating the 230th anniversary of Rights of Man by NOT reading Thomas Paine at all, but reading Edmund Burke’s masterful take-down of Lefitism, his Reflections on the Revolution in France.

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I invite all conservatives to join me in this by returning to our roots! To help guide us in this ressourcement, see the following links, one of which I published yesterday for my column at Salvo:

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