Sen. Josh Hawley Still Doesn’t Understand Transgenderism

The already famous exchange that occurred last week between Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo) and Professor Khiara Bridges about male pregnancy was a typical example of (a) people talking past each other, (b) the reduction of political discourse to a zero-sum game between winners and losers, and (c) the failure on both sides of the ideological divide to truly engage with and listen to what their opponents are saying. After all, Professor Bridges was not actually claiming that biological men can get pregnant; rather, she was claiming that transgender men can. And since “transgender men” include biological women, it is very true they can get pregnant—in fact, biological women are the only group who can get pregnant. But Sen. Hawley, whose capacity for higher cognition is rather limited, is now using Fox News as a platform to tell the world that the democrats have embraced the insane position that biological men can get pregnant. Defaulting to an “of course men can’t get pregnant ” position doesn’t help when the very definition of man is being contested. It just means they talk past each other without actually getting to the true issue. This is typical shenanigans from Fox News, the very place that gives a voice to people like Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, etc. who trade in whipping up the masses into a frenzy against the democrats, and intensifying the mutual incompressibility of an increasingly polarized citizenry.

Sen. Josh Hawley likely does understand that something is very wrong in the movement Professor Khiara Bridges represents. But not being a true conservative himself, he is lacking the intellectual equipment to articulate what is wrong.

So what is wrong with the picture? In my column at Salvo Magazine, I have suggested that there are three issues at stake in the move to normalize male pregnancy. First, totalitarians are trying to change the culture by changing our language. Second, leftists are creating the conceptual template for clamping down on those who deny male pregnancy, on the grounds that this fuels violence. And third, we are on a slippery slope to erase biological sex from our social, medical, legal, and scientific taxonomy. To read more article, click at the link below:

Male Pregnancy and the New Witch-Hunting: Looking Beneath the Surface of the Hawley-Bridges Exchange


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