How to Live the Good Life…Even When Everything is Going Wrong

I am pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of my latest book, How to Live the Good Life…Even When Everything is Going Wrong. Published by Ancient Faith and scheduled for release in Summer 2020, the book aims to offer comfort, meaning and hope to those whose lives are filled with pain and confusion.

Through my earlier work as a consultant in the behavioral health industry, I became concerned that many of the popular self-help books simply gloss over the issue of pain and suffering. In this book I wanted to explore questions like:

  • How can you find meaning, purpose and significance when everything in your life is falling apart?
  • How can you understand your own personal worth when your life feels like a complete mess?

When the book comes out, you can buy a copy through Ancient Faith Publishing, Amazon, or local bookstores.

What People are Saying About the Book

“Robin Phillips is a holistic thinker who takes the gems of truth from neuroscience, psychology, sociology and theology to show How to Experience the Good Life. His book is honest and accessible to everyone. This is a book that can change hearts and lives.”

—Bishop John, Antiochian Orthodox Bishop of Worcester and New England.

“Perhaps the best way to describe this intriguing and original book is by borrowing the familiar format of an old joke: ‘A theologian, a monk, a psychologist, and a neuroscientist went into a bar.’ Would they have anything to say to each other? Phillips thinks so, based upon a proficient and well-researched familiarity with each interlocutor. He provides an eavesdropped account of the rousing conversation that could be had. But don’t they each speak in their own exclusive and unintelligible language game? Yes, admittedly so, but Phillips proposes two mitigating factors. First, although the jargons are multiple, the subject is singular. They are dealing with one human person, in soul and body, and the universal virtues that make for happiness. Second, this book explores the linkage between theoria and praxis. Theory without practice bears no subjective fruit (a dilemma the first two face), and practice without theory lacks objective purpose (a dilemma the second two face). This is therefore not your ordinary self-help book because we are not being told to simply help ourselves, rather we are guided to a long-stemmed tradition, rooted in Scripture and verified by saintly ascetics. Phillips puts the empirical sciences in the service of Christian revelation, making spirituality practicable.”

—David W. Fagerberg, Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame, author of Consecrating the World: On Mundane Liturgical Theology.

“Robin Phillips has offered a clear and orderly consideration of what it means to be a real human being and live the so-called ‘Good Life.’ This is a book of testimonies brought together with helpful questions for reflection, presented in a refreshing way to encourage readers to awaken to the value of life-changing gratefulness to God, even without what contemporary advertisements conspire to convince us are essential for happiness. At the heart of the book is the great paradox of Christianity: ‘We find our true self, not by grasping good things for ourselves, but by giving our self away (Lk. 9:24).’ Phillips has assembled a diverse group of experienced strugglers from the ancient voices of St. John Chrysostom and Julian of Norwich to modern witnesses like Mother Theresa, St. Silouan the Athonite, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Viktor Frankl, C. S. Lewis and Nick Vujicic, along with a bevy of contemporary literary figures. They point us toward the deep mystery of God to be found beyond the obvious signposts of pleasure and pain, and mindless avoidance of suffering and loss. What is to be found on that less travelled road? Gratefulness to the God who encounters us in the places we most fear He is absent.”

—  Rev. Dn. Stephen Muse, PhD, pastoral psychotherapist, author of When Hearts Become Flame; Being Bread and Treasure in Earthen Vessels.

“Drawing upon a vast array of sources, both contemporary and through the centuries, Robin Phillips has gifted us with a brilliant guideline for human flourishing, providing much practical guidance for making real in our lives St. Paul’s axiom: ‘Godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Tim. 6:6).  May this book help bring many to a greater verve for living in the endless grace of our Lord, no matter what our surrounding circumstances may be.”

—Dr. David C. Ford, Professor of Church History, St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary, and author of Women & Men in the Early Church: The Vision of St. John Chrysostom.

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“Robin has offered a book of comfort and hope to those who are going through pain. For example, he discusses how we can train ourselves in gratitude even when everything is going wrong, and how hope, love and comfort can shine forth even in our darkest moments. This is a book I wish I had been able to read when I was recovering from the emotional wounds of the burglar attack.”

—Cherie Calbom (“the Juice Lady”), popular speaker, television celebrity, and author.

Free Download of Foreword and Introduction!

For a limited time, I am making available the Foreword and Introduction to this book. This download is for promotional purposes only and cannot be sold or published in any form, although the file may be passed around through email.

PDF download of Foreword and Introduction to How to Live the Good Life

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